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ISO 14001, similar to all other ISO standards, can bring numerous benefits to your organization. But how are you supposed to achieve those benefits? Well, by implementing the guidelines and getting certified to ISO 14001. Sounds simple, right? But it’s not.

ISO standard implementation and certification requires help from an ISO consulting company like IQC The ISO Pros. It’s because the certification and implementation have a lot to it when it comes to reality. So, call now for quick quotes from experts.  

Read along if you want to know about ISO 14001. In the below information, you’ll learn the purpose of this certification, requirements, and its benefits. So, let’s begin. But before proceeding further, let’s clear some facts about ISO standards.

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What are ISO standards & are they necessary?

ISO standards are the frameworks with rules and requirements you need to fulfill. When you fulfill the requirements, you can apply for certification and get certified. Well, ISO standards have one motive, and this is an improvement. It can be for any domain of any aspect, but that doesn’t matter.

ISO standards are necessary if you want to grow and scale your business. It’s Not mandatory for you to get certified for ISO standards, though.

What is ISO 14001 & What is its purpose?

ISO 14001 is a standard that specifies the requirements for an effective EMS or Environmental Management system. You need to adapt to the requirements given in the standard in order to certify. The purpose of ISO 14001 is to ensure that organizations take steps to reduce the impact of their activities on the environment.

Is getting certified to ISO 14001 necessary

No, the ISO 14001 certification is not mandatory. However, there’s a high probability of that happening in the future. It’s because organizations are not ready to pay attention to environmental issues, which leads to continuous environmental deterioration.

However, the voluntary certification has no harm. The certification to this standard has a lot of potentials and can bring amazing benefits in your way. Please follow the benefits below and find out why you should get certified to ISO 14001.  

Some Benefits of implementing and getting ISO 14001 certified

Here are the benefits of getting ISO 14001 certified: –

If your organization gets certified to ISO 14001, your reputation in the market will increase. It's because the certification proves that your organization has checked its impact on the environment. It also proves that your organization has the necessary procedures in place to ensure that effect.

This will improve the trust and credibility in the minds of customers and stakeholders for your organization. And when customers think highly of your organization, you'll automatically grow. Also, this certification is appraised globally. So, you can expect a good response from international markets as well.

The ISO 14001 certification's prime motive is to help organizations protect the environment. And this is done by analyzing and reducing the impact of an organization's activities on the environment. When you do so, you can protect the environment, which is quite good.

It attracts customer sympathy towards your organization. The best part about getting ISO 14001 certification is you can improve product and service quality. Well, when you follow healthy practices consistently, the processes improve. And when the processes improve, the product quality improves as well.

If your organization is consistently harming the environment, it can attract a heavy penalty or even legal action. However, you can avoid this by getting ISO 14001 certified. This standard will ensure that your organization minimizes its effect on the environment in all terms.

And when you have certification as proof, you won't ever face a penalty or legal action. So, to make sure, call IQC The ISO Pros and start the certification procedure.

Maintaining healthy stakeholder and customer relations is necessary. Otherwise, you'll slowly lose both of them. And to ensure that it never happens, you can opt for ISO 14001. People are highly concerned about their mother nature.

And when you get certified, your organization will come up as a more trusted, credible, and responsible organization. It will boost both customer and stakeholder relations. So, if you want to ensure this, contact IQC The ISO Pros now!

The ISO 14001 certification can help you save money. It's fairly simple to understand. When you have efficient processes in place, you automatically waste less. And when you waste less, you save more. When there is less waste, you won't have to spend any money on recycling or handling the waste.

This will help you save some money. Also, you can prevent any legal penalty on your organization with this standard in place.

Manufacturing industries and other types of companies make irregular use of water, energy, and other resources. And this is what harms the environment and leads to unnecessary usage or wastage. However, with ISO 14001, you can take good care of this.

This certification focuses on better and harmless processes. These processes want you to make just use of the resources. This way, not only will you reduce the impact on the environment, you'll be able to make righteous use of resources too.

When it comes to making the processes efficient, it seems like too much of a task. But not with ISO 14001. This standard, as you know, focuses on implementing better processes that are environmentally friendly and minimally affect the environment.

It's quite obvious to understand that these processes are efficient. When you practice or implement such processes in your system, the entire system becomes efficient. So, if you want to make everything efficient, contact IQC The ISO Pros now.

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How can you enjoy the above benefits?

It’s easy. You need to learn how the standard works, integrate the guidelines, fulfill the requirements and apply for certification. You’ll find most details regarding ISO 14001 certification in the documentation that comes along. You can follow the requirements listed below and fulfill them. And after that, you can enjoy the benefits.

However, if your mainstream work is too intensive and requires your attention, you can call IQC The ISO Pros now!

Things you need to ensure for a successful certification

Here you’ll find all the requirements for getting ISO 14001 certified.

You'll need solid proof or evidence stating that your company is abiding by the guidelines stated under the ISO standard. There's no specific way you should maintain the proof, but it should be good enough to convince the auditors. If you look at the standard documentation, you'll find exactly what documentation you need to produce. The motive is to make sure of your organization's compliance with the standard.

For certification, you need a successful Environmental Management System. And for a successful EMS, you need to look for all the areas that somehow impact the environment. You should also know how they affect the environment.

Here are some aspects you might want to look into: -

  • Use of resources like energy and water
  • Use of any recycled items
  • Areas pertaining to smoke emission
  • Waste Disposal
  • Risk of leakage or spill

Your aspects might be different, but more or less, you'll find something similar to what we have listed above. Once you're done finding the aspects, you need to check what impact these aspects are having on the environment. You can either record the impact simply or use a scoring mechanism. The scoring mechanism is not necessary, but it makes the process easier. It also helps in tracking the changes and progress.

You need to create some quantifiable objectives to reduce the impact on the environment and to get certified. Your goals should not be like 'reducing water consumption. The objectives should be like 'reducing water consumption by 10% in the coming six months.

These goals are time-based and are somehow easy to achieve. Setting goals is not enough. You'll also have to put forward a plan on how you're thinking of achieving the set objectives. Your plans should be related to something like: -

  • A defined timeline to achieve the goal
  • Equipment or services necessary to accomplish the goal
  • A defined procedure to track progress
  • Giving ownership of the objectives to the team 

ISO 14001 wants the organizations to create and execute operational controls in accordance with the sector they operate in. There's no specific way of determining how you should implement the controls. However, you should maintain documentation that all the operational control ensure that: -

  • You meet the legal and compliance requirements
  • You have assessed and set the environmental objectives
  • You have defined the outsourced all external and internal processes
  • You have assessed, implemented, and reviewed any training equipment

You need to prepare for any emergency that can either affect the environment or your company. You should be able to show a procedure of how prepared you are and what your response will be. You can create a process or system that manages and deals with such emergencies. The purpose of this practice is to make sure that the impact on the environment is minimal. You should train every person involved directly or indirectly in this process for the best results.

This section requires you to list all the parties or people who can affect your ability to achieve the environmental objectives. The motive is to record all the requirements or demands set by the interested parties. You then need to determine how you can manage to accomplish those requirements. For example, an interested person can be a customer who wants you to reduce carbon emissions. You can take that into the note and work In accordance.

Setting an EMS should not be a dull process. You need to continually focus on addressing the risks and opportunities the Environmental Management System presents. There's not a specific way you should achieve this. You just need to ensure that you're taking care of everything, including risks and opportunities.

Even if a small process is introduced in an organization, it creates chaos. And the chaos will be bigger when you'll integrate a new environmental management system. So, to make sure that your employees are aware of everything, you should provide them with the necessary training and consultation. You should also record or monitor how the employees are reacting to the training. If a system to monitor is in place, you check how well your employees are training. You can also find whether or not the training is enough or you need something extra.

All of your employees should be aware of their duties regarding maintaining an EMS. There should be proof of all internal communications like Emails, meetings, intranet announcements, etc. this is to ensure that every person is aware of their duties. When it comes to external communication, you again need to record the emails, meetings. You should explain the requirements of an EMS to your supplier or the expectations you have in mind.

The above requirements or factors can sound quite complex to you. It's quite obvious. These requirements are not something you come across every day. So, the best thing is to hire an ISO consulting company like IQC. The ISO Pros. Read below to understand why you need someone like us.

Why do you need a consulting company like IQC The ISO Pros for getting ISO 14001 certified?

If you’re new to ISO standards, you should know that certification has some prerequisites. By pre prerequisites, we mean implementation, analysis, integration, and pre-assessment. Without ample experience and knowledge, you won’t be able to certify any ISO standard, let alone ISO 14001.

A consulting firm like IQC, The ISO Pros, has it all. Whether it’s experience, skills, or resources, we can help you with everything. We’re an ISO training and consultation company helping organizations in implementing and certifying ISO standards.

Companies here in McAllen, Texas (TX) love us, and you should too. Here is why: –

A great thing about contacting a consulting company like us is experience. When you have someone experienced like us, you won't need to handle all the procedures. Also, the chances of making a mistake come down to zero. As we have successfully handled hundreds of certifications, we know what steps to take, so make sure that no time is wasted. Also, our professionals will take the burden off your shoulders. So, contact IQC The ISO Pros for a hassle-free ISO 14001 certification.

Another important thing while managing certifications is knowledge. ISO standards involve numerous requirements, clauses, sections, and terms & conditions. And without proper knowledge, there are chances where you might miss something important. And this can cost you a certification. However, with IQC The ISO Pros on your side, there's not much for you to worry about. Our professionals stay updated with all the revisions, clauses, terms, and conditions of all ISO standards. This way, we never miss anything and ensure the success of organizations. So, you can trust our professionals.

Most consulting firms use a generic approach for implementing ISO standards in organizations. And most of the time, it becomes cumbersome for organizations to accept those methods. It's because different organizations operate differently. So, a generic approach won't work everywhere. It's the reason IQC The ISO Pros follow a unique approach each time. We analyze the entire process system and only then proceed with the integration. It helps us understand the system in a more effective manner. So, if you want a strategy that works, contact IQC The ISO Pros now!

Companies always want results, and this is what IQC The ISO Pros target. Apart from following a unique approach, IQC The ISO Pros also follow a results-oriented approach. This way, each time, we're able to achieve the results we want to achieve. It's the reason companies here in Texas love us so much.

Consulting and ISO training is not cheap, but it's not too expensive either. IQC The ISO Pros offer ISO consulting and training at very affordable prices. We never have to outsource our jobs to third-party companies. This is where we save money. And it's the reason why we offer competitive prices for our services.

Contact IQC The ISO Pros now!

Our organization has everything you can expect from an ISO consulting firm. We have the results, resources, skills, experience, and knowledge. So, if you want to invest your money into something great, contact our professionals now!